Encouragement From Kanayo

Hello everyone,

After a great number of requests and extra confirmation by the Holy Spirit, I have decided to create a mailing list as a means of encouraging and edifying those that keep up with me via social media and in person. 

I aim to send out Biblical encouragement/motivationals, devotionals, a few personal stories and struggles that you may be able relate to, learn from and be encouraged!

I'd also like to use this as a platform to keep you well informed about upcoming Bible Challenges, gospel events and more.

I pray that signing up to this mailing list will bless you and that the content will minister to you in your season

I’ve come to realise that God is a God not limited by time or technology, so He will use every and any platform possible to let His name and glory be known. I am honoured and humbled that He saved me and chose me to be a vessel for His use. My one prayer is that my writings will touch at least ONE person, that would be a serious mission accomplished to the glory of God!

So here's to being bombarded by emails from me...LOL I joke, I endeavour to keep them coming at a weekly/fortnightly/monthly (depending on whether I feel led) frequency.

God bless you!

Please Sign Up and Share!

Feel free to tweet me, @doctorkanayo or email, kanayo@doctorkanayo.com with any comments or questions.

Love from Sister Kanayo

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